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Wooden arbor

Wooden arbor фото

Wooden arbor indispensable element in the construction of a wooden house or cottage. The small architecture of this type will give your site an unforgettable and unique image that will perfectly blend into the background of landscape design. How nice in a beautiful, warm, summer day, sitting in the arbor, to enjoy pleasant company and beautiful scenery. The quiet and cozy place is a dream that is becoming reality easily. These wooden structures are universal in use. You are free to choose the arbor project, taking into account all the wishes. It may be compact, small or large arbor; capital or air plants, etc.

Determine the choice of design and material for the construction of a wooden arbor is not too difficult. If the arbor is in addition to the main house or cottage, material and color should be combined with landscape design and style of your house or cottage. The size of the build is also calculated by taking into account the main building, as they must meet a friend. In addition, if the fate of the earth is not very large, massive, overall arbor not quite fit into the overall design. As for the material, softwood continues to occupy the first place, namely fir and pine. It is the strength and stability in all climates, in this case, plays a key role. Arbour is the structure, which is year-round open-air and lends itself to all weather conditions. For her stamina and endurance, not simply to choose the durable material.

Wooden arbor

It may seem that the construction of such a facility as a wooden arbor, it is not fanciful. In fact, attention and responsibility in the construction of the arbor are not less serious than in the construction of the house. It is necessary to strictly adhere to all technical, engineering calculations and rules. Otherwise, the service life of such structures is very short, and the overall appearance will become completely unusable. It is necessary to follow all the standard rules, such as proper selection of foundation with all the features of the land; quality material for the main structure and a reliable roof. The roof of arbors built for a small plummet to protect log-supporting. In addition, in the cold season, the roof must withstand snow and rain. Wooden elements of the design should impregnate all the necessary antiseptics and water-repellent agents, which in the future will save from the problem of the re-painting of the arbor. Talk to us about all your questions. Experienced and qualified personnel of the company "Med" is happy to provide you with all the necessary information.