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The doors for bath

The doors for bath

The manufacturing firm "Med" there is more than one year on the Ukrainian market, sells doors for baths made of natural wood of the best varieties to order. Here you can find a wide range of material. In our work we use solid wood of coniferous and deciduous wood, it all depends on the preferences and tastes of customers. Have advanced equipment, the tremendous experience of highly qualified specialists of our company make it possible to manufacture wooden products with high quality, at the lowest prices.

Select the door to the baths need of self-empowerment and personal needs. The panel doors made of wood are the most optimal version of the ratio of consumer characteristics and price. Wooden doors create a refined interior in each bath or sauna. The design of the door to the bath must comply with the essential requirements. Under the influence of high humidity and high temperatures in the bath, the door must not be heated and deformed. At the same time the door to the sauna to be ordered complete with special frames. In this case, the openings at the closing of the doors are carried out maximum adhesion, which ensures high thermal insulation steam room. The door should be closed tightly and quietly opened to the outside, without much effort.

As for the wood, as a non-polluting, high-strength material for the manufacture of high-quality sauna’s doors, then for this purpose in the most rational approach such wood as linden, oak, pine, spruce, and ash. Wood has been used for thousands of years, doors, and it does not prevent them to be among the most popular and the best kinds of doors in our time. The wooden door it is one of the best options for a steam bath or sauna.

The wooden doors made by the company "Med" have such positive characteristics:

  • durability;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • flame-resistance;
  • doors should open outwards;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • attractive appearance

To carry out the order you can with the managers help of the company "Med".