Wooden houses
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Wood coloring

You've always been a fan of natural food, natural clothing, and of course the natural home office furniture? Do you care about the health of your loved ones and prefer only "natural" life without bad habits, and chemical fumes? Of course, protect yourself and your family all the way from the harmful influence of external environmental factors is difficult, but to fully contribute to this easy. Choosing home and the details of his situation, you will certainly give preference to wood and wood products, as they are in truth natural and clean material, safe for human health. But how to account brilliance of your home?

You can also a completely, natural way to make the situation in the room of your home, office or garden quite colorful and diverse, without resorting to chemicals dyes. The natural color of the wood is very varied and always looks more harmoniously in their combination. For example, you certainly have heard that the oak has a red color, and red oak products are very popular. You can easily install in your house massive oak doors of the noble color and emphasize their exquisite style. And you have heard about the white oak? The unique white color of wood used for the production of bedroom furniture, kitchen, and other furniture, making it a very special and stylish piece of furniture. Yellow alder can serve for flooring or a beautiful cabinet, which will be executed in an elegant vintage style. The dark wood wenge can set off the yellow alder and red oak stunning décor. But the amazing rich walnut brown color can be fully utilized for all of your home environment.

Are you surprised by such a diverse range of natural colors? The stained wood of different varieties looks much nicer and more natural all artificially colored products, moreover, it does not tear in the course of time, and will retain its color for centuries.