Wooden houses
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Wooden covering

Wooden covering

An important part of the home or any other structure is the overlap. They must meet several important requirements in terms of a solid construction. The basic requirements that push to overlaps experienced builders are:

· reliability - is manifested in the strength of the material from which made the overlap, for many years of service and reliable protection of buildings against natural and mechanical damage;

· capacity - floors have to be sufficiently strong and rigid to maintain the entire load, which carries the erection of structures;

· free installation - easy installation with the necessary fastening materials should be carried out as quickly and efficiently without making much difficulty even for not experienced in construction;

· thermal protection - overlap should securely hold the heat and do not miss the cold in the room, creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the house at all times of the year, without succumbing while thermal damage.

Wooden covering

This list can also be supplemented with individual requirements of each customer, but one thing must remain constant - is the quality of the material of which are performed by the overlap for the construction of your home, garden or other buildings. No one can argue with the fact that most hardwood floors are suitable for the construction of wooden buildings. Sturdy wood species have all these qualities and are always not only reliable, but also environmentally friendly, safe, easy to use, and most importantly - are considered organically with any construction and finishing materials.

Wooden covering by the company “MED” never let you down in the construction of the house, protect the room from drafts and leaks can be a colorful addition to any design and always will be "faithfully" to its owner more than a dozen years. Everything else, the overlap of our company is available at a price not inferior in quality to the world's leading manufacturers. With these beams, your design will stand for literal ages, without being even the most severe weather conditions.