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Saw-timber is universal, repair and building material, which has established itself firmly in the construction industry. From the time immemorial, the wood is widely used for building and construction of a wide variety of objects, such as huts, temples, houses, baths, saunas and more. Not less popular wood as repair and building material, which is used both as load-bearing structures, cladding materials, and more.

Today, the various saw-timber are very popular and relevance, as the wood is a reliable support material to withstand the load and weight. Someone may think that the wood should not be trusted because it is exposed to fire, however, this argument is no more than a myth. With proper compliance with all regulations and fire safety, as well as the quality of impregnation of wood with special protective means and solutions, any wooden building will serve you for decades. If we ignore the rules set forth above, even brick object, can burn in minutes.

Such as the saw-timber, the rafters are able to withstand large loads and are characterized by high technical characteristics. The first is easy to weight, environmental friendliness, affordability and flexibility and the product of any treatments.

The firm "Med" offers manufacturing of various lumber to order. Here you can order the following items:

- Flooring

- Wooden deal board

- Beam

- Block house

- Edged / unedged board


In each of saw, timber has its own specific advantages and features. Some products are suitable for the construction work while others are used for decorative purposes. From this accordingly directly affects the quality of the wood processing and its price. So. For example, wood siding sheathing versatile material that is used for both external and internal cladding works, giving the interior a special atmosphere and comfort. You will be able to choose from a variety of wood species, focusing both on the mechanical properties and for decorative factors: color, pattern, etc.

The wood-working shop the firm "Med" is equipped with all necessary equipment, from modular drying, the tape sawmill, cylinder-grinding machines, woodworking quadrilateral planer CNC and laser CNC machine. High quality and the most reasonable prices from the manufacturer.