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Steam bath

Steam bath

Of course, the main function of the Russian bath, steam room is a good opportunity to bathe and relax after a busy day. The main force of the Russian bath has thoroughly warmed the room that allows steamed entire body, and sweat this well; not only wash away the dirt from the skin, but also clean the sebaceous glands and all the pores and gently peeled the skin. A long time ago the steam bath was almost in every yard and was not a luxury steamed both rich and poor. Later it became popular public baths. Today, Russian bath, steam room offers a great opportunity to join the age-old traditions of the Slavic people, also healthier and wonderfully relaxing.

If you want to build a real Russian bath on his plot, it is desirable to consider a number of different factors: what size should be room, from which building materials, and at what point to build it, and what should be its appearance and internal structure, and its equipment. Professional experts will help you figure it out.

The firm "Med" offers tailor-made services to the implementation of a wooden bath turnkey. Construction of wooden cottages, country houses, Russian baths and saunas of various options, wooden arbors, and arbor one of the main directions of activity of the firm "Med". Automated, modern, high-tech equipment, which is equipped woodworking shop of our company, as well as highly qualified specialists with enormous experience, allow for a wide range of services of any complexity.

We suggest ordering the high-quality construction of the Russian bath, on the necessary technology. We provide favorable pricing. We carry out the order at exactly the specified time.

Russian sauna, steam bath, built from environmentally friendly and durable wood allows you to arrange at any garden and dacha attractive little corner for rest, where the harmony of colors of wood and fragrant, healing steam bath will create a favorable mood for relaxation, and provide an additional aesthetic charge.