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Sawmill service

Sawmill service

Sawmill service

The firm "Med" is a major manufacturer of various wood products. Production plant of the company equipped with a variety of woodworking equipment, which allows you to perform a wide range of services including various sawing wood band saw.

As an additional service, we offer our customers the opportunity to use exclusively power-saw bench, at that the timber can be yours. Today, this service is very relevant and in demand, as when sawing rough logs, client aspires to get quality girders and boards. Primary sawing of logs is a key factor that affects the future status and the quality of the product. Our sawmill provides gentle and reliable sawing wood raw materials that previously passed all necessary processing steps, including drying.


  • Flooring
  • Timber cylindering
  • Board
  • Deal board
  • Block house

Sawmill service

Among the raw materials, we offer to our clients several types of wood, such as oak, ash, pine and spruce. Modular drying designed both for trimming and edging of lumber, regardless of wood species. Drying can be operated in 3 different modes, soft, normal and forced. Well dried wood is obtained under the condition properly and correctly selected parameters and modes. Our company produces a high-quality product.

Sawmill services allow customers to get a natural, environmentally friendly high-quality product. The wood is widely adopted and is used as a repair and construction material as well as material for the manufacture of furniture and various interior items as well as advertising and souvenir products. Wood is a

perfect fit for any interior, regardless of the breed, and give both the interior and exterior of the unique atmosphere and a presentable appearance.

Our company produces a closed cycle for the manufacture of various types of wood.

  • Manufacturing of deal board
  • Manufacturing of block-house
  • Manufacturing of floor boards
  • Manufacturing of wooden windows and doors
  • Manufacture of furniture of natural wood

For more details and circumstantial information on the sawmill services, please contact our managers on the specified phone numbers, which will hold a consultation for you and answer all your questions.