Wooden houses
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Device a fireplace in the wooden house

Wooden houses from log cabins, in spite of the natural and sufficient inflammable material, the device suggests a variety of designs, including the elegant fireplaces. Construction technology fireplace in a wooden house has a lot of difficulties and restrictions, but of course is quite feasible for the real professionals. Only qualified and truly professional installation of the fireplace in the house made of the wood is able to deliver the real joy of its owner.

The device a fireplace in a wooden house requires initial preparatory work, which should include the prior background of the floor and walls in the room, the raw device of the chimney, as well as the installation of the furnace and the lining. It is important at all stages of committing to comply with statutory fire safety equipment, use only the most modern and advanced technologies, as well as the use of valid rules and specialized guidance. The device fireplace in a wooden house can and should be trusted only to trusted and experienced craftsmen who will be able to really establish reliably elegant design in the room and prevent all possible dangers and problems in its operation.

When the device fireplace in a wooden house you will certainly need special construction and facing materials, which contribute to the security of the process. Suggest and provide you with the necessary materials to create a stunning fireplace in your house made of a log cabin can again only by specialists, which you will find in the firm "MED" in Vinnitsa. We have rich experience in the construction and manufacturing of a wide variety of wooden structures and products and know exactly what materials you will need when you install the fireplace. Guaranteed high quality of products and their environmental and fire safety will provide you with a truly reliable and durable operation of the fireplace in your home, without creating problems throughout his life.